OH BOY! We are SO excited to share our latest website design and branding project!

Gabriel Ryan Photographers came to us this year wanting branding and website redesign, and we couldn’t have been happier to work with one of the nicest and talented photographer duos out there -Gabriel and Carlie. They are extremely passionate for about what they do. And they have flawless taste. And their style and aesthetic is extremely important to them. That made designing their brand and site really fun. It was a true collaboration. I love the way their minds think.

Not only are these two super sweet, but they have AWESOME style!!! They sent us their Pinterest inspiration board for their branding, and we fell in LOVE. Modern, fashion forward, masculine and feminine…What more could a designer ask for, right?

Gabriel and Carlie not only wanted their website to represent their style, but the really wanted potential clients to get to know them right away. So, we created a home page that incorporated video, pictures of them, pictures of their work and witty, fun phrases. You feel like you already know them, right?

You can obviously tell that these two love fashion, so we took a lot of inspiration from fashion magazines and websites to create a similar experience. When you click the “About” page you can really see this come to life. It’s like a J.Crew catalog AND you can even see what they love to carry in their bags. =)

Doesn’t it make you feel like you’re ready Instyle Magazine right now?

Visit “Collections” and you’ll find a compilation of some of their favorite weddings and engagement sessions. Simple and sweet!

On the details page, Gabriel and Carlie have laid out the three main facts they want their clients to know. We love this! It’s so clear and to the point. They love to shoot together, they live in California and their packages begin at $4,500. Exactly what couples need to know off the bat!

These photogs are no strangers to the press, and so we created a modern press page to clearly show all of the awesome praise they have received from the industry.

Something that is especially different and fun about this site is the “Latest” page. It shows the most recent posts from their blog! It’s SUCH a great way to direct visitors to a blog, and adds more to the simple blog link in the menu. We also added a small raves section in the right-hand corner.

Last, but definitely not least, is the Contact page. This has to be one of our favorites we’ve ever designed. Brides are inundated by choices, and sometimes can get overwhelmed and lose sight of how happy the season of engagement is. This contact page just makes us want to smile, and we hope that their potential clients smile just as much as we are.

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